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The Official TRL Rules
No spamming, trolling, harassment, etc.
Doing any of these things are disturbing to the forum.Please.Don't do it.
No inappropriate content.
If this forum had a rating like a movie, I'd give it PG.But if you go over that mark, I may need to warn you on being banned.
Put topics in their right category.If it was on accident, VM/PM me and I'll move it.
No double posting.
In some cases, like in fan fiction and stories, you may.Press the submit button only ONCE.Pressing it multiple times can result in this.
No PM/VMing me or a mod for unnecessary reasons.You may do so for a report, forum suggestion, and the like.
Use proper language.
I'd say in this place, words like crap are as far as it gets.Other things must be censored or not posted at all.
Have fun!
-Admin, Keeping the Lair Alive Evil or Very Mad

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